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Freedom Foundation Expresses Its Concern on the Safety of Yemeni Journalists after Somers Killing

National Yemen

On December 7th, the Freedom Foundation for Media Freedom, Rights and Development expressed its concern for the safety of journalists in Yemen after the murder of US photojournalist Luke Somers on December 6, 2014 in Shabwa in the south of Yemen.

The brutal murder of Somers was during a joint Yemeni US military operation to free him after being kidnapped by al-Qaeda in the center of the capital Sana’a in September 2013, which lasted nearly 15 months.

“The Freedom Foundation strongly condemns the kidnapping and murder of the journalist Somers and sends its condolences to his small family and his large press family in Yemen. His death was a big shock to all.

“In this regard, the Foundation emphasizes that the Somers incident gives a clear picture of the risks facing journalists in Yemen. It calls on all parties, particularly the institution of armed violence groups in Yemen, to respect the profession of journalism and not put journalists in danger for practicing their profession safely and independently.”