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General Union Of Petroleum And Mining Condemns Warns of Targeting National Oil Companies

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By NY Staff

The General Union of Petroleum and Chemicals and the Union Committee of Safer Exploration Production and Operations Company workers (SEPOC) warn from targeting  the company. The GUPM have issued statement about any attempting that may target and distort the company’s reputation, its management and staff.

The statement pointed out that SEPOC is the first major and national oil company in Yemen, and all segments of society must work to maintain this national achievement. It flows into the state treasury, the largest share of the budget, by achieving challenging projects in order to improve the image of Yemen.

The project of the Ras Isa oil terminal, which was stopped for two decades indicates the seriousness of the company to achieve this project.The new released news stories in Arabic and English newspapers about SEPOC have pushed many international subcontracting oil companies to contact the company for more information about the future of its business with SEPOC. Some of these companies have decided to withhold their business contracts with the company while negotiations are going on to ensure the safety of their business with SEPOC in particular and Yemen in general.

The Rass Isa oil terminal was supposed to be constructed 20 years ago by former American operator Hunt Oil, who instead, for various reasons at that time, installed the existing floating storage and offloading vessel FSO SAFER

SEPOC’s management faced verbal threat from banning its staff from travel. While the management and the company is practicing its daily operation normally.  The General Union of Petroleum has condemned all attempts that could harm the homeland and the company with its employees by sending messages to all top ranking positions in the government and the company management too.

In the same context, the General Union of Workers and Export Oil has issued a statement to condemn the personal measures which were taken against the company last.The union refused these measures, which is unprecedented in the history of the oil industry, confirming the attempts of some influential figures who may affect the company’s future partnerships with international companies.