How I Came to Know Luke Somers!?

National Yemen

By Khalid al-Jabali

One day, I was invited to a social gathering at the house of Mr. Fakhri al-Arashi, the editor-in-chief of National Yemen. There, I came to meet many Yemeni friends like Mohammed al-Asadi, Yassin al-Tamimi and other prominent officials.

During that meeting, I was shooting some pictures using my camera. Luke gave me a special lesson on how to take pictures without using the flash. After that day, I decided to invite him to give us a presentation about photography art at the Yemen Knowledge Forum. On Thursday March 24th, 2013, he was ready to present about the art of photography.

His murder is a nightmare for me and the many friends who met him at the forum. Whenever I recall him in my mind, I recall the simple man who has loved Yemen and who lived a basic life with low cost.

Later on, he worked for the National Dialogue and in September, we heard the bad news of his abduction. On that day, I wished to know if his abductors were from the tribes, despite my total rejection of any kidnapping, but I felt the tribes would be much more merciful to him than al-Qeada.

I condemn his barbaric killing, which is not approved by any religion or law. I add my voice to the voices of all media workers who call for the freedom of any other abducted fellow. I would like to pass my condolences to Luke’s family and his loved ones.