Ibb Declared As A Tourism Capital

National Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

On November 30th, the Ministry of Tourism held its first meeting after appointing Muammar Al-Iryani Minister of Tourism. The meeting included the leaders of the Ministry represented by agents of the ministry and other officials.

 In the meeting, Al-Iryani discussed the plans, strategies and programs that aim to revive tourism in Yemen a long recession caused by the political events.

One of the most important plans is to announce Ibb province the tourism capital of Yemen and activate a domestic tourism program and investment inside the country.

Al-Iryani confirmed the touristic value of Ibb. He said that Ibb has natural components, historical landmarks, and civilization that represent the bright face of Yemen.

“Ibb is considered one of the most prominent tourist and cultural areas in Yemen. It looks like an art painting with its old architecture, and it’s called The Green City for its beautiful nature,” said Al-Iryani.   

Al-Iryani also emphasized his keenness to create a strong and varied infrastructure in different fields such as hotels, restaurants, parks, and others components, which ensure enjoyable and comfortable tourism in the city.

“Concerned ministries will be an active partner in achieving the plan of making Ibb city a tourism capital,” he added.

Declaring Ibb as tourism capital isn’t a new idea. It was a promise by officials in the tourism sector to Ibb’s people a long time ago but was never implemented.

Ibb has a lengthy history and traces of ancient civilization. The governorate is located in the central part of the Republic of Yemen, separated from Sana’a by 193 kilometers.

The province’s 5,552 square kilometer area is divided into 20 directorates, including a province called the “Green Brigade” for its luxuriant foliage. Ibb is home to approximately 10.8% of Yemen’s population and agriculture serves as its main industry.

While Ibb holds little political importance today, Ibb has been home to some of the most significant historical events in Yemen. Many of its states and kingdoms stretch back far into antiquity, and ancient forts can be found on many of its mountain peaks.

Everything in the province embodies beauty, from the mountains to the highlands to the villages. It is the most diverse governorate tourists can see; its historic forts are suitable for climbing. Moreover,  the people of Ibb are hospitable, friendly, and well-educated.