Luke Is Alive In Our Hearts

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

“Asma, you have changed your profile photo to a camera lens, I think you are getting more interested in photography. That is very cool. You are well able to get close to people on different levels, which is a big part of so much good photography. I can teach you how to be professional photographer.” These were the last words I received from Luke Somers in July 2013.

He left before teaching me; terrorists didn’t allow him to carry out his promise. They stole from us an honest smile, leaving a great pain in our hearts. He was one of the kindest people I worked with at National Yemen Newspaper. He never hesitated to give advice on how to improve my journalism skills. I will never forget his encouraging words when he read and liked my stories.

Luke contributed to change in Yemen and stayed in it during a difficult time. He spent most of his time in Change Square and had many friends there because of his kindness. He had a strong human spirit, which empowered him to stay in Yemen despite security threats and embassy closings.

Luke, the enemies of humanity killed you because they hate anyone who wants good for Yemen and for humans in general. You were a man of peace so they gifted you death for your peaceful actions.

For more than one year I waited for news of his release but I was shocked with the opposite. My tears fell freely from my eyes, but death didn’t take Luke from us; he is still alive in the hearts of all the people who knew you.

My great and sincere condolences to Luke’s family and to all those who really loved him. May his soul rest in peace.