On The Death of Luke Somers, National Yemen Turns Its Colorful Pages Black and White

National Yemen

Fakhri al-Arashi

National Yemen has printed this week’s issue, December 8, 2014, in black and white to remember the murder of Luke Somers and the South African teacher Pierre Korkie, who were victims of terrorism.

The National Yemen team feels very sad about the end of Somers, who kept postponing his flight schedule to serve Yemen’s National Dialogue and prove to the west that Yemen is safe place. We dedicated this week’s issue to him, but he won’t be aware of what we have done. We understand that these pages will not please him or bring him back to us, but it will help us remember for a long time.

Luke was not just a photographer or a copy editor doing business in Yemen. He was striving to make Yemen look better through his camera. He was a person to be loved from the first meeting with any person he came across.

Luke Somers joined National Yemen in mid-April 2014 and he left the newspaper on the same date in 2013 to work for the National Dialogue. Over the year, he worked for the newspaper he contributed to the paper’s progress. He enriched the library of NY with his beautiful political, human, and site seeing photographs.

One million words about him won’t satisfy the newspaper writers and readers, who were waiting for him to be freed and celebrate his freedom. This is destiny of God.

Luke, you were very optimistic about the future of Yemen, but you were not optimistic about your own future. I know, you never used to say that things cost you much. My dear Luke, I know you will rest in peace for your human acts and faithful heart, and your killers and abductors will face the ultimate fate sooner or later.

Your death was shocking news all over Yemen and you have been the talk of media and news TV channels. I remember the days and nights of National Yemen publishing night, and you hated to edit the kidnapping and murder news.

Please accept our sincere apology if we have caused you any troubles or if we have misunderstood you.

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  • Thank you, Fahkri, for this beautiful essay. You are helping us remember Luke. I mean…for those of us who did not know him, you help make us understand what he was like, how much he loved Yemen. Thanks!