Somers’s Camera Documented Yemen’s Revolution but Al-Qaeda Ended His Life

National Yemen

By Ghamdan al-Yousefi

“Goodbye my friend Luke. Lincoln film was waiting for your return to receive you, but Yemenis freed you from life. My great sorrow for Luke’s death and his strange hairstyle.” Ghamdan al-Yousefi, a Yemeni journalist, lamented the death of his American friend, Luke Somers, 33, who died in an operation by US special forces in a an attempt to release him in Shabwa province in southern Yemen.

Al-Yousefi said that two years ago, journalist and photographer Luke Somers came to Sana’a and lived through moments of the Youth Revolution outbreak in 2011. His camera captured many of the events in Yemen since that date.

“Somers who held his long hair in the back with shaved sides, was a friendly man and had extensive relationships with Yemenis from all levels. He also chewed qat with them,” said al-Yousefi.

Somers worked with Yemeni English newspapers, before working as a translator at the official website of the National Dialogue Conference that finished in January 2014 until he was kidnapped in September of last year.

Last Thursday, Somers appeared in a video on an Al-Qaeda website in good health, appealing to his government for help. Unfortunately, he was killed.

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