New Agriculture Minister Calls for Coffee Investment

National Yemen

By NY Staff

During the events of a conference on Yemeni coffee, which was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development, the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Farid Majour, called on all Yemeni and foreign investors to invest in the production of coffee.

Majour revealed his plans and programs that would increase the productivity of Yemeni coffee annually from 25,000 to 50,000 tons over the next five years. “Yemeni coffee is a 100% natural product,” he stated.

“Such projects aim to intensify the harvesting system of rainwater, develop modern irrigation systems and solar energy systems, and improve farming methods and the system of post-harvest like the drying and storage process,” he added.

Majour called on development partners to increase funding and create new areas of work in production or marketing in order to improve the living standards in villages and to reduce the flow of migration from the countryside to the city.

The conference included a number of agricultural associations and exporters as well as coffee importers from the United States.