YWU Organizes 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

National Yemen

Young people protest against gender-based violence

By Redhwan Nasser Al-Sharif

The Yemeni Women’s Union (YWU), in partnership with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), has organized the “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” campaign in 25 schools and colleges in Seiyun and Al-Mukalla.

The campaign commences each year on the 25th November and concludes on the 10th of December with the support of local councils in Seiyun and Al-Mukalla as an international campaign for International Human Rights Day. The Yemeni campaign is being held under the slogan “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World.”

30% of Yemeni women live under threat of different physical and psychological violence as a result of poverty, unemployment, and lack of family income. The campaign targets areas including Seiyun, Al-Mukalla, Al-Hota, Al-Riyda, Shibam, Tarim, Al-Som, Al-Ghorfa, and will continue to different areas in Hadramout.

The campaign looked at the reasons for violence including ignorance and traditions and featured a song, a play titled Al-Rahma (mercy), and field visits to schools showing the effects of violence on peoples’ daily lives. During the occasion, three girls were honoured by the YWU and the UNFPA.

“The celebration of this occasion aims to eliminate violence by individuals and groups that exists from males who care about educating theirs sons more than daughters. Our branches in different cities and areas of Yemen are working for safer lives for Yemeni women to reach equality with men in rights and obligations through different ways and means. This campaign is a chance for all of us to go higher and to put pressure on the government,” said the president of YWU, Fathia Mohammed Abdullah.

“YWU plays a great role in Hadhramaut every year, and this year campaign is the core of a better society which has great religious and social values and morals as women sharing decision making and governmental institutions here for development and stability,” said the Secretary General of the local council in Seiyun, Hussein Salem Bamakhrama.

The campaign ended on Wednesday and was attended by the President of the Yemeni Women’s Union Branch of YWU, Salma Al- Kathiri, political figures, MPs, NGOs, sheikhs, lawyers, activists, youth and students.