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Houthi Allies Replace Governor of Houdeidah

National Yemen

Sakhar al-Wajeeh

By NY Staff

The Houthi rebels and allied politicians sacked the governor of Houdeidah governorate. The governorate enjoys  strategic location on the Red Sea. The Houthi militants replaced him with an ally on Sunday, amid an escalating power struggle with the country’s embattled president, a local official said.

The official said Saleh loyalists in the provincial council of Hodeida signed a petition sacking Sakhr al-Wagih, who had protested the Houthi takeover, and appointed Hassan Haij in his place. Before the Houthis launched their wide offensive, they appointed a loyal governor in their stronghold, the northern Saada province.

The conflict has brought an escalation in attacks targeting officials on different sides of the country’s bitter divide. On Sunday, a local official loyal to Saleh in Marib province, an al-Qaida stronghold east of Sanaa, was killed alongside his two guards when an explosive device placed under his car went off. A security official said the bomb exploded just outside a local market.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters.