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Houthi Allies Replace Governor of Houdeidah

National Yemen

Sakhar al-Wajeeh

By NY Staff

The Houthi rebels and allied politicians sacked the governor of Houdeidah governorate. The governorate enjoys ┬ástrategic location on the Red Sea. The Houthi militants replaced him with an ally on Sunday, amid an escalating power struggle with the country’s embattled president, a local official said.

The official said Saleh loyalists in the provincial council of Hodeida signed a petition sacking Sakhr al-Wagih, who had protested the Houthi takeover, and appointed Hassan Haij in his place. Before the Houthis launched their wide offensive, they appointed a loyal governor in their stronghold, the northern Saada province.

The conflict has brought an escalation in attacks targeting officials on different sides of the country’s bitter divide. On Sunday, a local official loyal to Saleh in Marib province, an al-Qaida stronghold east of Sanaa, was killed alongside his two guards when an explosive device placed under his car went off. A security official said the bomb exploded just outside a local market.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters.