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Houthi Scholars Association Call Upon the Government to Re-Consider the Saturday Holiday

National Yemen

By NY Staff

According to the Houthis’ Yemen Scholars Association (HYSA), the declaration of Saturday as a formal holiday in some Islamic countries, including Yemen, is considered an attempt to remove the Islamic identity.

In a statement, the Association renewed its refusal to replace the holiday of Thursday to Saturday, confirming that the justifications provided by the previous corrupt government are illogical and unrealistic.

“The most prominent justification was the economic factor and the compatibility with the holiday of international banks, which would avoid economic losses in the country. However, the falsity of these justifications has appeared after the deterioration of the economy and the adoption of the subsidies that people revolted against,” the statement stated.

The Education Office of Sana’a announced canceling the holiday on Saturday at schools and replacing it with Thursday, as an implementation at the request of the Houthi militia group.

Official documents revealed signatures of the education offices’ directors about the commitment to the decision of canceling the holiday of Saturday during a meeting attended by representatives of the militias under the slogan “correct the imbalances.”

The Houthis confirmed that they are going to connect with the Minister of Education to approve the holiday on Thursday formally.

The principal of the July 7 school in Sana’a, Shafiqa  al-Sarraji, prevented students from attending on Thursday every week, considering it a formal holiday instead of Saturday.

According to sources in the school, al-Sarraji announced Thursday as a holiday, telling students that the Saturday holiday makes the school non-Islamic.

The Declaration of Friday and Saturday as formal holidays was a governmental decision in January of this year.

This is not the first time in which the Houthis have change the decisions of the state. In an interview last week, the Political Adviser to President Abduraboo Mansour Hadi, Dr. Abd Al-Karim Al-Iryani, said that the state in all its ministries and institutions is controlled by the Houthis.