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Houthis Blow up Islah Party office in Arhab

National Yemen

The Houthi group fighters have blew up the office of a political party affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Sanaa’s northern district of Arhab, eyewitnesses said Sunday.

According to the witnesses, the Houthi militants destroyed the three-story building belonging to the Yemeni Al-Islah party in the district of Arhab.

Before it was blown up, the building had been evacuated by force, the witnesses said.

Al-Islah party has yet to comment on the incident, which came shortly after Houthi militants blew up a religious center in the same district, according to a tribal source, who didn’t clarify if there have been any casualties or not.

Houthi leaders could not be immediately reached for a comment.

On Saturday, the powerful Arhab tribe decided to withdraw its fighters from flashpoint areas in the district that carries the same name in order to avoid clashes with the Shiite Houthi militants, a source had told Anadolu Agency.

Houthi militants, however, were still deployed at several checkpoints and mountainous areas despite the withdrawal of the tribesmen, the source said.