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Houthis Hand Over Security of Sana’a University to Civilian Guard

Houthi at University

On December 14th, an official source of al-Houthis popular committees announced that they had handed over the security of Sana’a University to the presidency of Sana’a, and the Houthis did not contract with any company. It also announced that the company of the guards has been obtained by the presidency of the university.

The source denied that the popular committees have contracted with any company and they received an offer of private security from the presidency of the university. He added that they communicated with them because of the lack of a budget at the university. Ansar Allah covered the private security company’s expenses for a week until the university had a financial solution, pointing out that Abdul Qader Ali Hilal, Secretary of the Capital, made the initiative to cover the civil guard expenses.

He stressed that the Civil Guard will take over internal security under the supervision of the university administration, and the public security and the university gates will be run by external security.

The revolutionary students’ committees confirmed their full withdrawal from Sana’a University’s gates on Thursday. A statement by them said that the withdrawal comes in order to continue the educational process and to escape political conflicts that aim to create confusion about the agenda of the revolutionary students’ committees in charge of protecting and securing the University of Sana’a.

They claimed that the presidency of Sana’a University held the responsibility for any looting, theft, or disappearance of any documents, tools, or contents of Sana’a University.