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Houthi’s Head of Military Council in Aden Killed

National Yemen

By NY Staff

On December 14th, Colonel Najeeb Mahfouz al-Mansouri was killed in a traffic accident on the way to Lahij, south of Yemen.

Local sources said that Colonel al-Mansouri died in a traffic accident on his way to attend an event related to the Military Council of the Houthi group in Aden.

According to sources, the Colonel al-Mansouri was a candidate for the presidency of the Houthi military council in Aden that was planning to officially celebrate on December 14th.

In a statement, Hussein Zaid bin Yahiya, a Hirak leader, said that the news of the existence of a military council for the Houthis in Aden is incorrect and that the death al-Mansouri was not on his way to attending that event.

Zaid said that the Houthis do not have any political or military council in the south, but its political vision is clear in the fact that the Southern Movement is the main carrier of the issue of the South.