Luke, Unforgettable Memories

National Yemen

Amani Mubark

Lucky. No other word can describe him and no other word can describe the time I spent with him while I was working at National Yemen. Our offices were in the same room, which allowed us to talk about many topics such as religion, the books he liked to read, and the Arabic language. I had a great time teaching him some Arabic words. We really had a lot of fun when he pronounced the words with his broken Arabic language. I will not forget a moment when he came to me and ask me if I had my lunch or not, if I want to eat something else, or if I wanted to his lunch. His favorite sweet was Fata with honey and  cream.

I will not forget our discussion about smoking and how it hurts his body, and how he was gentle when he was working and eating, even when he was leaving the office. I still remember his words, “Amani I am leaving, do you need anything? Amani I will go to smoke outside to avoid bothering you. Amani I am going to buy a falafel, do you want me to buy one for you?”

He asked me to teach him two Arabic words every day. He wanted to learn Arabic but he left before he could. I really miss his encouraging words. I still can’t believe what happened to him and I still believe that he will be back.