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Shamsan: Islah & Houthis is No longer Secret

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The official spokesman of the Islah Party, Saeed Shamsan, has revealed about the meetings and dialogues which was conducted by Islah with the Houthis.

He said, “Our meetings with leader of  Houthis group , Abdul Malik al-Houthi, are not longer a secret. We talked about these meetings on TV channels. We met with the Houthi  on December 22nd after Sana’a fell. There was also a meeting with al-Houthi in Sa’ada two years ago and we will continue meeting them because they are a political necessity for Yemen.”

During a seminar held by the Political Forum for Democratic Development, Shamsan confirmed that the meetings were about establishing a civil state, implementing the outputs of the National Dialogue, stopping the attacks on Islah’s headquarters, and also the southern issue.

“The immediate goal of these meetings is Yemen’s interest, which is above all interest of any party. However, all the discussed issues are still considered ink on paper, and we haven’t signed anything yet,” he added.

In addition, Shamsan revealed the surprise of Abdul Malik al-Huthi and his supporters on December 21st. He appreciated Islah’s attitude, who facilitated the entry of the Houthis in Sana’a after they planned to enter it in three stages.

“I told al-Houthi that he didn’t fight corruption because he knows well the places of corruption, but he fought those who are with the youth Revolution. I told him also that he aimed to topple the government and the subsidies and implement the outputs of the National Dialogue, but he did the opposite and broke into Sana’a, Hodeida, Dhamar and Bayda,” Shamsan explained.