Yemenia Airways: Still Potential to Improve

National Yemen

By National Yemen Staff

The deteriorating political situation in Yemen has negatively affected the business growth of one of the oldest airlines in the Middle East. Yemenia Airways is striving to maintain its operation with its small fleet of new and old aircrafts. Visiting Amman for few days allowed me to visit the Yemenia Airline office there. Located on a very busy street, the office is easily recognized by its Yemeni Kamria, the well-known typical Yemeni architecture window design.

Meeting with the Yemenia Area Manager of Jordan Hatem al-Sha’abi, I learned about their business operation and the potential for Yemenia’s doing business in Amman. Yemenia has four flights a week between Sana’a and Amman, while Jordanian Airlines has daily flights to Sana’a.

I asked al-Sha’abi, “Why do not you fly daily since Jordan is a commercial destination for Yemeni medical treatment? Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni patients are your customers.”

He replied, “It is true that Amman is a commercial hub for medical treatment, but unfortunately we cannot make it daily with Yemenia’s modest existing fleet.”

“The Yemenia office in Jordan is facing strong competition from the other international airlines” al-Sha’abi added. “Despite of all of that, we are making good business and we created a smart marketing strategy to promote Yemeni business within the Jordanian market. My team and I have created different initiatives and meetings with local and international business companies to promote the Yemenia name within the hotelier industry, travel, and tourism agencies.”

“We have created a remarkable media campaign with a specialty hospital in Jordan and medical insurance companies” said al-Sha’abi. “Recently we agreed to run a joint venture promotional campaign with one of the most famous telecom companies in Jordan. This campaign will bring us good value for sales.”

“Here in Jordan, we are not doing business only, we are trying to represent the country through social and business meetings. The Yemenia office in Amman is very proud to have met with the newly appointed chairman of Royal Jordanian Airlines, Sulaiman al-Hafed, who discussed the potential of both airlines cooperation in the near future,” Al-Sha’abi continued to say.

The Yemenia office in Amman is like many offices of Yemenia worldwide, which aims to solve its customers’ problems and needs. Yemenia still has the potential to double its income if it plans well for future operations by developing its fleet, reducing costs, and moving forward toward new destinations.