3rd Yemen Film Festival: 14 Days To Go

By Saif Saleh Al-Oliby

January 3, 2015 is the deadline for receiving films participating in the 3rd Yemen Film Festival.

“The films participating in the festival this year will be of interest to Yemeni society and the themes will include issues related to childhood and its dreams, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), homeland, peace, and the rejection of regionalism and sectarianism,” said Faris Al-Sanabani, president of the film festival.

Al-Sanabani explained that what makes the Yemen Film Festival distinct is that it indulges children in making their own future through participating in films that reflect their dreams, future visions, and the obstacles that they might come across. The festival will be organized in partnership with UNICEF and Equal Access.

The top five films will receive prizes of YR 1,000,000, 500,000, 200,000, 100,000, and 100,000 respectively. Marwan Al-Khalid, Executive Manager of the Festival, said that the administration of the Festival has provided training courses for children in three different provinces: Sana’a, Hodeida, and Hadramout.

Al-Khalid added that the administration of the Festival has plans to widen the scope of this festival from the national level to the regional level and then to the international level in the coming years.