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Areas Controlled By Ansar Allah In Yemen

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By Staff

The clashes between Ansar Allah and the Yemeni government began in 2004. The strategic expansion of the movement increased after the fall of Sana’a. Here are the provinces controlled by Ansar Allah, their locations and their importance:

Sana’a: The fall of Sana’a represented a strategic turning point for Ansar Allah in their military and political ascent. Ansar Allah succeeded in controlling the government headquarters, the Defense Ministry, petroleum and trade institutions, as well as the radio and television building. They also took control of Arhab city overlooking Sana’a airport.

Al- Jawf: Its importance is in its geographical location. It is located on the border with Saudi Arabia. There are future economic opportunities in al-Jawf related to new gas discoveries.

Sa’ada: It is a stronghold of Ansar Allah and its inception point. Sa’ada was the stage for the six wars between 2004 and 2010. In spite of their controlling Sana’a, their political bureau is still in Sa’ada.

Hajja: It represents one of the most important strategic points which were dominated by Ansar Allah. Hajja has Medi port that overlooking the Red Sea. Information said that the port formed a logistical point to supply the Ansar Allah movement’s fighters with weapons during the conflict, according to the claim site.

Hodeidah:  It is the most important city after Sana’a with the second largest port in Yemen.

Dhamar: Its Importance comes from its proximity to Sana’a. It is 100 km away and it is the access point to the provinces of Ibb and al-Baydha.

Amran: It represents the main road to Sana’a and the leadership brigade’s 310 that also was taken over by Ansar Allah. Amran saw heavy fighting between Ansar Allah and tribesmen loyal to the Islah party and it fell into Ansar Allah’s hands.

Ibb: It is the tourist city of Yemen and the second province in terms of population density. It has a wide influence from Islah and was a major loss for the Islah party.

Part of Al-Baydha: Ansar Allah is trying to control al-Baydha, and they have succeeded so far in controlling Rada’a, the largest city in al-Baydha, but they still facing resistance from al-Qaida.

Al-Baydha links North and South Yemen, and if the movement succeeds in controlling al-Baydha, they will be able to control Marib province, which includes oil and liquefied natural gas fields.