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New Terrorist Plot Targets The Army

National Yemen

By NY staff

In a threatening statement, Al-Qaeda has warned citizens from cooperating with the army, which it described as a Houthi army.

It accused the army of loyalty to America and mentioned that the regime and army worked together to let the Houthis control the country.

The statement of Al-Qaeda confirmed they would continue the war against the Houthis, especially in Abyan, Shabwa, Hadramout, and al-Bayda provinces.

In addition, Al-Qaeda demanded from their brothers in Hadramout province to cooperate with it and to stay away from locations where there are Houthis because these locations are considered a target to be attacked any time.

Al-Qaeda warned people from helping the army or moving with them by transport because army members will be killed, like the 14 soldiers who were massacred in a bus on their way to Sana’a on September 8th, 2014.

Observers confirmed that the distribution of this statement in Hadramout indicates a new terrorist plot that targets the army, security forces, and citizens in general.

Political activists and media representatives called on the army and security forces as well as the popular committees to be one hand against the incitements and criminal schemes that are trying to kill them and face the real danger that targets the homeland and its citizens.