PTC Expanding Internet Service to 192 New Points on Socotra Island

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Public Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) in Socotra is working to expand internet lines in Haddebouh Directorate to 192 new points before the end of 2014.

The Local Secretary General in Haddebouh, Abdelhalim Mohamed Abdullah, confirmed the importance of expanding phone and Internet services in the district because of citizen’s needs and called on the Ministry of Communications and Public to support the plans and programs of the branch in order to develop and expand telecommunications services in the governorate.

In a report, Telecommunications denied the news handed down by civil and partisan media about the price increase for online cards or prepaid international communications. An official source in the PTC said that the prices of Internet service cards by Yemen Net and companies operating in Yemen has not undergone any change or increase in prices.

The source pointed out that the Minister of Communications assigned field teams to monitor the sale of recharge cards and adjust any irregularities to take action against offenders. He called on citizens to report any violations or an increase in cards by calling the Ministry of Communications operations at: 01 333888 or Public Telecommunications Establishment operations at 01 331140.