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Scandals of the New Information Minister

National Yemen

BY NY Staff

The newly appointed Information Minister for the government of Bahah, Nadia al-Sakaf, has inaugurated Lana Radio in Aden early this week as the first community radio in the southern governorates. Lana Radio is owned by al-Sakaf and managed by her Jordanian husband Khair Adeen al-Nisoor.

Both the minister and her husband run the 21st century forum, which organized a symposium in Aden financed by the UNDP, under the excuse of empowering youth economically. The radio equipment and infrastructure was fully financed by international organizations. While the Yemeni parliament has issued no decree on the local radio, Al-Sakaf has smuggled the essential devices to start up its radio business in Aden, Lahj and Abyen.

Al-Sakaf is visiting Aden to investigate the latest development of Aden TV and the 14 October newspaper employers demands of both government and TV, Radio and newspaper. Al-Sakaf has offered a good number of inclusive invitations for high-ranking individuals as well as local and international NGOs to attend the official opening of Lana Radio.

While the former government was removed for its corruption, the new Information Minister has begun her own corruption with a deep conflict of interest in partnership with her non-Yemeni husband. Yemen Times Radio was supposed to start in Aden, but Nadia’s husband created the idea to shift the name of Yemen Times Radio to Lana Radio to avoid the public and government anti-media campaign.

Speaking to the Yemen TV, Al-Sakaf has forgotten her new position and was sent to promote her experience with her Yemen Times Radio and newspaper. She is not doing so, al-Sakaf has given a front page exclusive statement to her newspaper on December 18 about her meeting with Ansar Allah over the news of storming the state-run Yemeni newspaper al-Thawra. Al-Thawra newspaper runs its daily issues with the full supervision of Houthi militants Illegally.

“Lana Radio has started it is official broadcasting to empower youth,” al-Sakaf said. “We want to see many community radios in Yemen like Lana Radio.” The report said the opportunities and empowerment should go to the youth, not to ministers.