The President and the Prime Minister

The majority of north and south Yemen has lost the hope in President AbduRaboo Mansour Hadi to build stable country. He has shown complete ignorance toward the daily collapse of state organizations. Even donors have lost their trust in him and have decided to give up their support to Yemen unless he puts an end to the total chaos caused by Houthi and al-Qeada militants.

Whether he is politically smart and managed to break up tribal, political and military networks of interests, he has demolished they country’s economy and created more problems for the poor and middle class community.

Hadi is the only president in Yemen who won both international and local support for the years 2012 and to 2013. In 2014, he has lost this reputation and even those who still back him are no longer happy with Yemen’s total collapse due to the Houthis and al-Qeada.

New hope has come again with the newly appointed prime minister Khalid Bahah who is known as tough character. Since gaining the parliament’s trust for his government, Bahah made a visit to the central security. This left a good tone among the public that he is addressing their need for security. The second was his meeting with donors who are looking for more guarantees to resume their eco-social and humanitarian projects in Yemen. Between the trust and the distrust of the donors and the power of the Prime Minister and the powerlessness of the President, is a country that needs an immediate solution to keep the minimum operational tools for the people to stay safe.

No peace will happen without the intervention of the state authority in all government organizations. People like never before introduce themselves as al-Qaeda to fight the Houthi ideologies and the Houthis are overtaking government organization with the excuse of investigating corruption, which ends at dismissing officially appointed individuals in exchanging for recruiting someone from their side. All these acts happen on a daily basis and the President has not interrupted to say no in a single case since the beginning of 2014.