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Za’ail Speaks To Media For First Time After Fall Of Sana’a

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By NY Staff

Colonel Asker Za’ail, spokesman of the First Armored Division, has talked to the media for the first time since the fall of Sana’a by the Houthis on September 21th.

In a statement, Za’ail directed a message titled Part of the Truth to the General People Congress’ spokesman (GPC), Abdo al-Jandi. In the message, Za’ail revealed that Ali Saleh is allied with the Houthi group and the Republican Guard soldiers who participated earlier in the implementation of the Houthis plans that led to the seizure of state institutions.

Za’ail said that while watching Revolution Talk Program. On Friday, al-Jandi said that there is no alliance with the GPC and the Houthis. ” There is no alliance with the liberal members of the GPC. Why do you cover the sunlight with a sieve, Uncle Abdo?”

Za’ail discussed many events that brought together the supporters of Saleh and the Houthis.