New Committee Formed to Help Telecom Sector


National Yemen

Engineer Lutfi Ba-Sharee, Minister of  Telecom and IT, said that the ministry has formed a committee of specialists for the purpose of measuring the radio frequencies and radiation starting on January 2015. The measurements are done by using advanced devices that will help prepare scientific reports on building the communication towers and its implications on citizens’ health.  The Minister of Telecom and IT said in the seminar that the increase in mobile devices brought from some countries to Yemen have created a difficulty in controlling the entry of such devices, ones  may cause health risks. He also added that the lack of access to the devices designed to measure the specific absorption coefficient, as well as the intensity of the broadcast from base stations and radio devices contribute in disabling the audit process in the specific absorption coefficient for mobile phones.

“The ministry will take precautions that will ensure the safe use of mobiles through applying the guidelines that have been announced by the International Committee for the protection against ionizing radiation,” the Minister added. This assures that the ministry seeks to earn the citizens’ trust through providing the required devices for the measurement of radio radiation in all Yemeni territories.

Doctor Riyadh Yaseen, Minister of Public Health, said that the world is moving at a fast pace in the field of technology, communications, towers, and mobile phones. He explained the importance of understanding the risks caused by this development in the long run. He considered the contribution of civil society in taking the necessary protections more important than the treatment itself. The seminar is focused on spreading awareness and new ideas for protection, especially in a time where mobile phones have become humans’ companions, whether in Yemen or in the world at large.

The minister said, his ministry is trying to hold scientific studies on the dangers of telecommunication towers on citizen’s health, according to international criteria that both the WHO and WTO have decided.

The seminar discussed some recommendations including forming a committee from the different components participating in the seminar. The mission of this committee will be coordinating with the field committee in studying the towers, and to make reports based on clear evidence on the radiation produced by those towers in context of the fears and rumors and especially the ones causing chronic diseases.

Furthermore, the recommendations have included holding a number of awareness seminars. These seminars will help provide citizens with comprehensive knowledge and the comfort needed concerning the growing popularity of certain information that is not supported scientifically. This is in addition to forming an independent body to control and supervise the Investment Sector of Telecommunications.

The seminar involved presenting various working papers. One of the most prominent papers was presented by the international expert Christina Bioti, a consultant in the International Telecommunication Union. The paper was presented by engineer Asa’d Shuja’a Adeen. The paper includeds the explanation of international bodies in measuring communications and studying electromagnetic frequencies. Also, the stages of conference work and field studies on the probability of the negative effects that this radiation may cause, noting that the operation is not out of the international attention as most think.

Doctor Abdulsalam Al-Khulaidy, PhD holder at the Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a University, presented the relationship between effect and emotion. He highlighted the importance of controlling whatever benefits the citizen and the investment department in the communication field. He also focused on organizing the operation based on international criteria, evidenced by a study of the towers that he held in the capital Sana’a. The result of the study was that 85% of the towers are safe and have no negative impact, while the rest have to be relocated and moved away from overpopulated areas.

Doctor Ahmad AlQuabti, member of the Ministry of Public Health, demonstrated health aspects in relation to technology and mobile devices. This demonstration was constructed under intense studies that were held by international bodies and organization. On top of these was the WHO, which assured that there is no proof until now for any effect of the communications towers on humans’ health, and is about to construct a broad study in the year 2016.

Prime Health Awareness and Media Foundation Mohammed Taher confirmed that the seminar’s goal is to know the truth behind the controversy about the effect of communication towers on human’s health. The concerns about the towers have increased lately and is causing anxiety and fear among people.

The seminar involved multiple interventions by specialists, academics and interested people, all of which raised the subject, reaching the conclusion of the importance of minimizing the exceeding fears around those risks that are still unproven scientifically.