Political Analysis

Houthis Offer Tribal Arbitration for Sheikh al-Ahmar


By NY Saff
The Houthis have announced tribal arbitration for Sheikh Sadeq bin Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar after the attack of al-Houthi militants into his house and taking his Jambia (dagger) which belongs to his father, adding to break-in of many houses, companies, and institutions.
A source said that the tribal arbitration for al-Ahmar came after realizing the danger of tribal revenge as result of attacking these houses of the al-Ahmar family.
The source revealed that the Houthis seized the houses of Islah leaders in Amran, Sana’a in order for revenge for their support of Islah, and now they demand tribal arbitration fearing Islah’s revenge.
Tribal arbitration in Yemen is considered from the best way to resolve the problems among tribes and is considered recognition by the Houthis for their mistakes.
It is expected that the Houthis will offer tens of firearms to al-Ahmar as tribal arbitration.
Sheikh Sadeq al-Ahmar is a very important and famous Sheikh in northern Yemen, where his tribe is considered the biggest.
His father was the House Speaker and the head of different parliamentary councils, while his brother, Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar, is a political businessman.