The Minister’s Radio


Hassan al-Warith

The Information Minister Nadia al-Sakaf has participated in the Lana Radio launching ceremony in Aden. Lana is related to the Yemen Times Foundation for Media that is owned by the minister and as a kind of camouflage; they called the opening a workshop on media and community participation by broadcasting to avoid the minister from entering into accountability and gossip debates. The one who is supposed to organize the media work in the country is opening a private radio.

Maybe it is a nice thing for the minster to start his new job with the opening of a new local radio in the private sector even if it is her own. The most important thing is that this radio should be a good addition to media in Yemen because the media has become worried about the ugly image they draw by spreading a culture of violence and hatred that has led to wars and fears, instead of love, harmony, peace and unity of the nation.

We hope the minster can work on the establishment of new media in the spirit of national and social responsibility, according to the modern age. We must keep abreast of developments and take advantage of it for developing Yemeni Media with a new legislative system consisting of a number of laws that regulate the work as well as to work on the implementation of the infrastructure project for the Yemeni media. She has to start reorganizing the official and private media work starting from canceling the Ministry of Information and establishing a Higher Media Council to be responsible for organizing the media profession in all public and private sectors.

One of the good things for us is to have diversification and expansion in the official, popular, private, civil or partisan media, but it is better to be based on the study according to local laws and systems because what is happening now is a media mess that we hope can be remedied and organized.

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