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Turkish Airlines Makes You Discover the Potential of Turkey and Beyond

National Yemen

Operating six flights a week between Sana’a, Aden and Istanbul, the Turkish Airlines Yemen Office has organized recently a familiarization trip for the best-selling of Yemen travel agencies, including National Yemen Newspaper and one Arabic reporter representing Saba News Agency.

The trip was made to bring more opportunities for Yemeni travel agents to discover the potential of Turkey and the success story of Turkish Airlines (TK). Including Yemen TK flies to 261 destinations with its large fleet consisting of 263 Air crafts.

Faris al-Shaibani, TK Yemen marketing executive, accompanied the media team and the travel agent delegates for a couple of days. Throughout the trip, Turkish Airlines Yemen and Istanbul have been very keen to offer the best hospitality on board and on ground.

As part of the program, TK gave its guests the chance to see the Turkish Airline Flight Training Center, which is located at the premises of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. The TA and media team came to learn the different process of training approach for pilots and the aircraft staff. Later on the team paid a visit to Co & Do, the TK catering company which do an impressive catering services.

By mid-2012, Mustafa Ozkahraman, Yemen TK General Manager, joined the Yemen office with an eye to improve the business environment for Turkish Airlines. He said, “We are seeking the opportunity to fly daily between Istanbul, Sana’a and Aden. TK is a Star Alliance Member and considers the potential of the Yemeni market from both the commercial perspective and the long historical relations of both countries.“ Our business growth in Yemen is remarkably improving and the interest of the Yemeni people and the expats to fly on-board of Turkish Airlines encouraged us to value their need and apply an outstanding service,” said Ozkahraman.

TK was awarded the title of the best airline in Europe for the 4th time. This performance reflects the interest of TK to maintain its role and position to match with the country development and the needs of its clients. Over the past year, TK transported 50 million passengers with a tremendous increase of 472% of passengers in the last decade.

With the global and local demand, TK is struggling for new ways to improve its performance with the common statement that says “Together we are Different”. The TK vision is based on three fundamental principles, which are service quality, productivity and efficiency, profitability and consistent growth.

Being a brand globally attributed with quality and success, TK is aiming to expand its fleet to 450 planes to transport 120 million passengers per year. Coming to know about these potential plans and strategies of Turkish Airlines, the Yemeni best-selling travel agencies representative admired the operational concept of TK. They have promised to double their efforts to make TK achieve its long and short-term vision goals.

Turkish Airlines is setting standards instead of following others. Today, TK is the 2nd largest group in Turkey with 17 subsidiaries and partnerships. Watching closely over this trip, TK enjoys strong  infrastructure for the country’s 2023 goals. Again, the DO and CO, Turkish Technic, Turkish Ground  Services, THY OPet, and Turkish Cargo are prominent in making TK different from other local and international airlines all over the world.

“The many features of Turkey brings TK into the point to achieve the people’s need with the concept of globally yours,” said one travel agent representative. “TK – Yemen has brought us to here to see with whom we are doing business. Thanks for Turkish airlines for having us here. The trip has enriched my knowledge and understating about Turkey and Islamic heritage and how the Turks managed to maintain the Islamic civilization as seen at the Top Kapi.”

As Turkey is witnessing the new potential of business with the slogan of “discover the potential”, it still looks for work to attract more visitors using the excellent reputation of TK worldwide. Turkey’s potential consist of economy, politics, culture, human resources, and many different components. People who had the chance or who will have the chance to see and know Turkey will quickly realize that now, Turkey is ready more than before to introduce and explain to the people its potential.

We as different travel of companies from Yemen understand that the future of good business with Turkey still yet to come. “Turkey through Turkish Airlines has a lot to give to its visitors,” said another travel agent representative. “I can know, think better why the globe has turned to Turkey for it is beautiful state of the art of its old mosques, museums and food, and deep rooted culture. Thanks for Turkish Airlines for making me think and see the real Turkey away from the movies and TV series,” concluded al-Khulaidi.

Turkish Airlines in Yemen and the rest of the world has been a major player in helping economies and local and international employees. In Yemen, Turkish Airlines has a positive approach to the citizens and the business community through different advertising approaches and messages. It is also contributed to major events via direct sponsorship. Turkish Airlines has played a vital role in promoting the potential of Turkey.

Flying back home on business class seats like how they arrived to Turkey, all the travel agency representatives thanked Turkish Airlines and its team in Sana’a for a perfect trip organized for them in a short time. They concluded their trip to Turkey having in mind to go back again with their families, as many of them consider it the first trip to Turkey, but it won’t be the last. This is the begging of starting the promotional tourism business between Yemen and Turkey through Turkish Airlines and the Star Member Alliance.