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1250 New Manuscript Found In Salah Al-Din Mosque

National Yemen

By NY Staff

About 1250 new manuscript was discovered In the shrine of Imam al-Mansur, in Salah al-Din mosque west of old Sana’a,. Minister of Culture Arwa Othman spoke to the media about the new valuable discovery for Yemeni manuscript. She admired the way of discovering such treasury calling upon the President Hadi to allocate budget for the ministry to encourage such activities.

Othman hailed the importance of the manuscripts discovery which indicates that Yemeni still have a big hidden quantity of its heritage. “This discovery increased the responsibility of the ministry of culture to do a Survey for most archaeological sites and see what can be preserved.” Said she.

Dr. Mokbal al-Tam al-Ahmadi, said the manuscripts included historical copies of Holy Quran which is dating back to the eighth and ninth centuries. The discovered manuscripts requires some procedures such as the Sterilization, cleaning, documentation for the repair, and maintenance.

Al-Ahmadi pointed out to the distinguish manuscripts with golden decorations as well as the covers made of leather.  It is worth mentioning that Salah al-Din mosque is one of inclined   mosques in old Sana’a. It built by Imam Salah al-Din in the other half of the eighth century. He died in 693 AH and his grave next to the mosque, with his son Imam Ali Mansour who died in 840 AH.