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Who Is The New Permanent Representative of Yemen to the United Nations

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By NY Staff

Ambassador Khaled Hussein Al-Yemany is the new permanent representative of the Republic of Yemen to the United Nations under the Republican Decree NO. 146 of 2014. Until his latest appointment, Al-Yemany served as deputy permanent representative of the Republic of Yemen to the United Nations and he was the Deputy Director of Foreign Minister’s Office in MFA Yemen in. Al-Yemany  was a chief negotiator of the permanent mission in New York during Yemen’s Chairmanship of the G77 and China, negotiating the outcome document of the Millennium Development Goals review conference of 2010. He was born on May 2nd, 1960, Aden, Republic of Yemen, married Married with three sons, Amer, Ammar and  Omar 1998. He obtained his master Degree at the University of Havana, Republic of Cuba.  Al-Yemany gained strong experience through our his personal and diplomatic mission.  Between July – Sept. 2009 he was the  Deputy Director of Foreign Minister’s Office in MFA Yemen and in  July 2005 – June 2009 he was Deputy Chief of Mission at Yemen Embassy in London. On July 2003 up to June 2005 Was an Expert, Assistant and Private Secretary at the Foreign Minister’s Office, overlooking the Yemeni American Relations (USA, Canada and Cuba). He severed as  Political and Press Officer at the Yemen Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  between 2000 – June 2003 and he was an Expert in the Foreign Minister’s Office overlooking the Yemeni African relations  also he worked in the Department of Press and Information at MFA Yemen Jan. 1991 – Dec. 1994. Al-Yemeny  Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991. He speaks English, Spanish and Arabic

More over al-Yemeny Received the rank of Ambassador in MFA in the Republican Decree No. 146 of 2014, by 2009, he Received the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary he again Received the rank of Counsellor and was promoted in his career from Attaché to Ambassador in 2004.  He Participated in numerous Summits, International and Regional conferences and in bilateral talks and negotiations representing MFA overlooking numerous specialized portfolios and chairing many working groups:

–  Participating in many presidential visits and taking part in its preparations, to USA, UK,    Brussels EU, Cuba, France, Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Pakistan

– Participating in MFA ministerial or specialized delegations to the GCC countries,              Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iran, USA, UK and the UN

– Chaired MFA team in the co-chair of the Friends of Yemen (Yemen, KSA, UK)

– Participated in the BMENA Forum of the Future in Morocco and Bahrain

– Member of the joint political committee of the Sana’a Forum for Cooperation (Yemen,    Sudan, Ethiopia)

– Coordinating the joint bilateral commission between Yemen, Tanzania, Djibouti and    Eritrea.

– Member of the Yemeni negotiating team with the GCC secretariat 2004

-Deputy Coordinator of the Sana’a Conference on Democracy, Human Rights and the role  of the International Criminal Court 2005, in cooperation with the Italian NGO No Peace  Without Justice

– Representative of MFA in the Supreme Technical Committee of Human Rights 2004-  2005

-Participated in the founding seminars of the Near East South Asia Center of Strategic  Studies, University of National Defense in Washington, DC, USA

– Participated in the German Foundation for International Development Training Course for young diplomat in 1995

– Editor-in-Chief of The Diplomat magazine issued by MFA 2003-2005

Al-Yemany  Publications

  • The GCC initiative for Yemen: the story from inside. 2012
  • Towards the digital diplomacy, a study on improving the working methodology in MFA. 2003
  • Yemeni Diplomacy in 2012: harvesting the fruits of political realism. Paper published by the General Center of Studies and Research. Sana’a 2003
  • Numerous articles published in Yemeni local press on literature, poetry and Yemeni diplomacy
  • Diaries of a Diplomat in New York. A book 2012
  • Contributed to teaching Diplomatic Skills in the Yemeni Diplomatic Institute