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Hope Remains: Film Discusses Yemen’s Situation

National Yemen

By NY Staff

A group of Yemeni actors have finished filming the short film titled Hope Remains in Taiz. The film included more than 25 actors and actresses and some action scenes. Just nine minutes long, it discusses the situation of Yemeni citizens during the crises and conflicts in 2014 as well as the rejection of sectarianism and patriotism.

The actor and director Daras Saleh Qayad said that Hope Remains is currently set to participate in the Yemen Third Short Film Festival after he achieved third place last year. “I hope to get first place this year and then participate at the Arab level. The film was implemented by personal efforts and self-funded,” he added.

Qayad explained that unlike his previous work, this film was filmed silently with only a soundtrack. “This kind of film is very difficult to implement. However, it is considered the best kind of short film at the global level.”

The music was composed by young musician Diya Sharaf, the idea and the scenario was written by Walid al-Jamal, and graphics were done by Raed al-Mutawakkil as well as a good group of photographers.

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