Political Analysis

Houthis Celebrate the Prophet’s Birthday in Sana’a

Asma al-Mohattwari

Recent attacks against the Houthis during preparations and the gathering for the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday did not affect the celebrants’ psyche. Tens of thousands celebrated the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday in Sana’a’s September 21st Park, previously the First Armored Division headquarters, on Saturday the 3rd of January 2014, that coincided 12 Rabi’ al-awwal in the Islamic calendar.

Both men and women from various governorates gathered to celebrate the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday. After Al Qaeda threatened that it would bomb any Ansar Allah gatherings, people expected the celebrators would be met with fear, but the numbers of people exceeded all expectations, and the celebration ended with guests still flocking. A large number of scientists, politicians, intellectuals and social notabilities participated in the celebration.

Security and Regulatory Committees for organizing the celebration in a record time managed and secured the lives of the guests and provide them with the necessary services.

On the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the Houthi leader, said that the Yemeni people will not be deterred from celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed with the failed and desperate attempts that aim to intimidate people from attending this occasion.

Al-Houthi called for a quick implementation of the Peace and Partnership Agreement to face criminal extremist forces that target the homeland and its citizens. He also demanded the government equip the September 21st Park for the residents of the Sana’a.

The Houthi leader warned of any attentions or attempts to overthrow the revolution of September 21 and impose the six reigns. “We emphasize solving the issue of the South because it is a national issue and what has passed is enough to exploit and manipulate them. We need to continue the revolutionary action in three tracks: fighting corruption, imposing a national partnership and cooperating with the army and security through the People’s Committees and the defense of the people’s property,” he added.

Al-Houthi said that all Arabs and Muslims should cooperate in supporting the people of Palestine and advocate their cause because it is a cause for the entire Islamic nation.