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Houthi’s Representative Refuses To Sign Preliminary Draft

National Yemen

Olfat AlDubai

By NY Staff

Olfat AlDubai, a member of the Constitution Committee, confirmed that the Houthi representative in the Constitution Drafting Committee refused to sign the preliminary draft. She expressed on her Facebook page that Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mokhtar who refrained from signing the draft deprived him from making history and taking part in the construction of the new Yemen.

She clarified that, AlMokhtar contributed with his efforts for the entire period of drafting working period. She also pointed to the previous refusal of the Houthis to sign the National Dialogue outputs in a turning point in the process. She questioned their evasion from contributing to these historical moments.

“Ansar Allah has participated in the Youth Revolution and in the National Dialogue. Also, Dr. Ahmed Sharaf Eldin presented his vision in the construction of a modern civil state.  In addition, he also contributed after his death to the drafting through the members who defended his vision and insisted on including it in the Dialogue.”

“They also raised the notion of applying the National Dialogue output and most importantly the constitution drafting for building a new Yemen. Their representative has contributed until last minute and his notes were taken into consideration, and now and in this historical moment they refrain from signing?”

Olfat questioned the reason behind their last minute withdrawal. She pointed out that this attitude of the Houthis will only increase negative feelings towards them. “The reasons that the representative presented for refusing to sign and their evasion in participating in this historical moment was both embarrassing and unconvincing,” she added.