Aljwfi: 2015 Is A Year Of Security Rather Than Education

National Yemen

Abdulsalem al-Jawfi

By NY Staff

As a result of the deteriorating of security situation, the former Minister of Education, Abdussalam Aljwfi, called the head of government and the Minister of Education to provide an initiative that names 2015 a year of security instead of education.

Aljwfi expressed his hope of the state to offer all possibilities for the security situation and to raise the morale of the army and security even if they are supported by the budget of all state agencies.

He explained that without security, it’s impossible to have a good education year, whatever the efforts and possibilities, expressing his trust in the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education. “Terrorist acts and the spread of gunmen in the country are impeding
education even in its minimum level,” he added.

According to Aljwfi, the coming period with a referendum on the constitution will make a lot of workers busy in the field of education and perhaps also schools.

Aljwfi confirmed that stopping the educational process leads to the failure of educational programs, pointing out that the economic situation doesn’t allow giving additional money for the educational process.

Yemeni Prime Minister Khalid Bahah announced the year 2015 as a year of education in Yemen in an effort to support education. His announcement came at a very critical time where education is facing multiple problems.