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Felix Airways Fails to Apply Business Ethics Operations

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by NY Staff

Felix Airways, which is known as Al-Saeeda Aviation, has come to a complete stop with its five aircrafts. Citizens from all over the country are complaining about the disrespect of Al-Saeeda for applying their flying schedule, which caused people to miss their local and international connection flights. Travel agents operating in Socotra have complained to the Minister of Tourism Moammar Al-Eryani about al-Saeeda, saying that al-Saeeda has damaged the reputation of tourism on the island with its irresponsibility toward tourists.

After six years of operating domestic flights and flying to Sharja, Dammam, Madinah, Jazan Taif and Abha, Al-Saeeda’s fleet is out of service and has made a contract with an Egyptian airways called ALEX AVIATION to apply the calls of the passengers. Even this deal is corrupt, and uses an old aircraft that misses its connections.

The travel agents in Socotra said that ALEX AVIATION airways operating on behalf Al-Saeead is making the same mistakes by leaving passengers luggage at the wrong local destinations, which leads to business and material damages such as fruits, medicines, contracts, and travel commitments with the rest of the world.

In the last statement made by Al-Saeeda, the airline management denied its complete stop, but the five covered landed aircrafts at Sana’a airport tells the true story.

To avoid these problems, Minister Al-Eryani said that the government is seriously studying the open skies policy with Socotra airport. Al-Tayyar Travel Group owns 20% of the company and the National Travel and Tourism Bureau owns 10% of the company, 45% is owned by the Islamic Development Organization, and 25% is owned by Yemenia Airlines.

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  • Felix airways is the second national carrier and instead of blaming Felix Airways, blame the I.C.D (Islamic Development Bank) In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just say "Saudi Investment in Yemen Fails to Apply Business Ethic Operation".
    and finally don't copy what in Felix website like the destination of Jazan Taif that we never flow there, and you mention it as one of our destination.
    we can't deny the fact of stopping some aircraft, but you people must know our problems like "there is no fuel in Socotra Island, the load some times is heavy and we put it in Mukala and the next day we ship it to Socotra, ministry, and we have to pay to so many governmental enterprises like CAMA, LOCAL MANAGEMENT MINISTRY, INVESTMENT AUTHORITY,…etc.