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Information Ministry Warns of Documents Issued by Althawra Newspaper

National Yemen

Nadia al-Sakaf

By NY Staff

The Minister of information, Nadia al-Saqqaf, announced an attack implemented by Houthi gunmen targeted her office on the morning of January 8th.

According to al-Saqqaf, Houthis threatened to occupy the office until the minister is expelled. Al-Saqqaf confirmed that she would not offer resignation whatever the cost.

Earlier, Houthis expelled the Deputy Ministry of Information, Fuad al-Humairi, and prevented him from working. They controlled most of the official media institutions by force. Now, they are illegally controlling the Althawra Newspaper, replacing the staff with Houthis.

In a press release, the Ministry of Information formally warned the government and private agencies to avoid dealing with any documents issued by the Althawra Newspaper.

 The Ministry stated that Althawra is issued daily by what they call the revolutionary committees of the Houthis. The Ministry expressed its condemnation of the continued issuance of the newspaper outside the legitimacy of the official establishment.

The Ministry confirmed the importance of respecting the official channels and the decision of the Ministry and government, as well as to avoid dealing with any side or group outside the framework of official government institutions in the country.