OMC Approves Oil Sales for March 2015

National Yemen

Gas Flame in Oil field

On January 12th, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Khalid Bahah, the Oil Marketing Committee (OMC) approved the oil sales for March 2015 by a total amount estimated 2.800.000 barrels.

The OMC said that the sale of the available al-Masila gas, estimated to be 1.300.000 barrels, will be at Brent price plus two cents per barrel. The OMC approved the remainder, estimated to be 1.500.000 barrels, to be sold to Aden Refinery Company at Brent price without increase or discounted price.

The OMC reviewed the report of the Technical Committee that is responsible for the implementation of the January and February 2015 sales sessions. The report confirmed that they approved the shipping programs for PetroMasila and Safer.