Pakistani Oversees Company Implements Road Projects In Yemen

By NY Staff

The Ministry of Public Works and Roads and consulting firm Amar Monshi composed of the National Blanc Andblanr, have signed an agreement to oversee implementation of the periodic maintenance project for a number of road projects in Ibb province.

According to the agreement, the Pakistani consulting firm will oversee the Implementation of the maintenance for the targeted roads in Ibb, which costs 1.9 million riyals, according to the agreed specifications and specified time of four years.

After the signing, the Minister of Public Works and Roads, Wahi Taha Aman, confirmed the importance of adhering the terms of the agreement and implementing the work according to the agreed specifications. He pointed out that the work on this project would be a new start to work with the Pakistani company, especially if it proves its commitment to the terms of the agreement.

Aman also stressed the importance of benefiting from qualified national experiences in supervision and implementing the projects that specify its bids on executing companies without accepting any contractor or engineer with a government job in order to allow unemployed and qualified people to play a role.

The General Manager of implementing the financed projects internationally in Road Maintenance Fund, Nabila Hammoud al-Sari, explained that this kind of agreement specified by the TMC period was implemented for the first time in Yemen.

Al-Sari pointed to similar agreements signed earlier in Hodeidah, Taiz, and Hajj provinces with a total length of 1800 km and a total cost of $ 36 million funded by the World Bank.