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Socotra: Yemen’s Window For Bringing Tourism Back

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Children From Socotra in a group picture with Minister Tourism Moammar Al-Eryani

By NY Staff

The potential of tourism on Socotra may cover half of Yemen’s state budget. The new Minister of Tourism Moammar Al-Eryani along with the Yemen Tourism Promotion Board have held their annual meeting in Socotra early this week, looking forward to having Socotra be the primary destination for promoting Yemeni tourism to the world.

While meeting with the local authority, governor of Socotra and the travel and tourism agents from Sana’a and Socotra, Al-Eryani said, “We are seeking to improve the ideal partnership with the local authority to improve the level of tourism and open up investment opportunities for investors to “choose Socotra as the first priority for the tourism industry.

The small capacity of hotels is not a matter for the time being, as most tourists come for diving and   to explore the unique creations and features of the island. Socotra is one of the few places in the world where people live in harmony with nature, so rarely found in this modernized planet. As being one of the world’s wonders, Socotra is still a virgin Island for ideal holidays.

The Government of Bahah is aiming to work cooperatively with the people and the local authority to enhance and build a reliable infrastructure, taking into consideration the protection of the Island from any human damage. One of the promising features of increasing the number of tourists is the ,government’s approval to issue a tourist visit for tourists to Socotra. One more issue is direct flights  which will enable tourists to come to the Island without coming to Sana’a.

 Many of Socotra’s businesspeople are waiting for the government of Yemen to announce the opening of Socotra’s skies for the airline industry. Touring the Island with journalists and team members of the Yemen Tourism Promotion Board, Al-Eryani promised a new partnership of tourism business with those who would like to invest and bring tourism to Yemen.

Visiting the ongoing construction of a hotel for a Kuwaiti investors in Hadibo, Al-Eryani called for more investment on the Island. He requested the local people to prepare themselves to cope with the tourist’s needs, who come from long distances to visit the Island. Meeting with travel agencies, the minister called on local travel agencies operating in Socotra to participate in international exhibitions organized by the Tourism Promotion Board.

The good security of the Island will change the damaged vision of tourism in Yemen. In the future people from other cities will look to Socotra as an example within the country to bring tourism to their cities.

“Tourism on Socotra is still developing. We arrange tours on Socotra Archipelago in cooperation with the local Socotrian guides having many years’ experience with tourists from various countries. They are highly professional and can show you the most attractive places of the island, tell about its nature, language and culture, as well as organize diving, trekking or other special programs” says the Travel Agents.