Yemeni Female Activist Leads Worshipers And Re-Publishes Cartoons Of The Prophet Muhammad

National Yemen

By NY Staff

After the attack which targeted the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and caused the killing of 12 people and four prominent cartoonists as a result of publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Yemeni female activist Elham Manea called to re-publish the cartoons again as a response to this terrorist attack.

On her Facebook page Manea said, “if we think the violence of the Islamists doesn’t represent us, I suggest we re-publish the Cartoons of the Charlie Hebdo Newspaper.”

Manea pointed to the same newspaper when it published an issue about Christ and no attack happened because of that. She confirmed that the freedom of opinion and expression is a human right even if it’s hurtful.

Elham Manea is a writer who urges cultural exchange, acceptance of others, and the liberation of women from customs in fanatical countries as well as their equality with men. She also calls for religious tolerance, social justice, and respect for freedom of opinion and expression.

Manea is a Muslim who lives in Switzerland and has Yemeni nationality. She leads worshipers, either men or women, while they are praying. She has a photo while she was leading worshipers for Eid Al-Adha in 2013.