BaShareef Donates 5 Million YR to Heart Center

National Yemen

Lutfi Bashareef

BY NY Staff

Minister of Telecommunication  and IT, Lutfi BaShareef has donated 5 million riyals from Yemen Mobile Company to the Heart Center in al-Thawra General Hospital in Sana’a. The center offers free medical services with limited equipment and modest operational budget.

This support came in a campaign to support victims of heart illness. Revenues were 32,303,000 riyals during Ramadan last year campaign. Yemen Mobile Company has adopted this campaign annually to alleviate suffering. This year’s campaign will be allocated for Thalassemia patients, calling on private and public companies to adopt such a campaign as a contribution to reduce poverty in the community and help low-income people.

The Director General of the PTC , Chairman of Yemen Mobile Company  Sadeq Mohammed Mosleh said that the company is standing in the community through adopting  the annual medicinal campaign as well as the establishment of medical centers with its operating expenses. Mosleh pointed out that they have established medical centers in Aden, Hodeidah, and Mukalla. This year, Yemen Mobile will establishment a medical center in Ibb.

The Vice Chairman of the Heart Center in al-Thawra General Hospital, Dr. Mohammed Shaher al-Shibani expressed his gratitude to the Minister’s efforts and Yemen Mobile for the campaign. Al-Shibani said, the center lacks to the basic equipment and they run limited operational expenses affect its conditions. “The center was receiving 120 cases per month at the rate of six cases a day but currently receives only 20 per month.”

This revenue is a result of the contribution of Yemen Mobile service users in supporting the campaign through tacking a percentage of all card charge process during the month of Ramadan in order to support heart patients in al-Thawra General Hospital and heart patients in Hadramout.