Aden To Host The First Tourist Festival

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By Tamjid Alkohali  

Last week, the Ganat Aden Initiative revealed about its preparations for a tourist and entertainment festival which will take place in Aden governorate. Monia Ahmed, the managing  director of the Initiative said, the festival ideas is to activate local tourism within the country as well as to maintain tourist attractions, monuments and protect it from extinction.

Deputy Head of the initiative, Walid Mohammed, said the festival would be named “Aden’s First Tourist Festival” and will include several cultural and tourist events. The initiative called on concerned authorities and businessmen to support the festival. “The festival will bring good benefit the people of Aden by providing temporary jobs for unemployed youth, business people, and to those with low-incomes as well as reduce unemployment.

Sources stated that the project had been approved by the Ministry of Tourism and the the Governor of Aden with approximate budget of 5,000,000 Riyals.

However, the Director of the Tourism Office in Aden, Jaafar Abu Bakr, denied giving any official approval for the festival at the time being. He said, tourism events or entertainment activities should be implemented after the approval of the Tourism Office in Aden. He added that the Tourism Office plans to hold some tourism activities by the end of the first semester of the year.

Aden is the economic and commercial capital of Yemen. It located on the Gulf of Aden, about 363 kilometers from Sana’a, with approximate population of 1 million. Aden is considered a great model in Yemen for economic activity and the diversity of the productive structure.  Aden enjoys and  industrial, commercial, tourism and service activities. The importance of Aden has increased from being just a commercial port and a free trade international zone.

In addition, Aden has many tourist landmarks; the most important are the Aden Tanks, Sira Fortress, Aden beacon, and its charming beaches