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Aden And Hadramout Governorates ban motorcycle driving

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Motorcycles protest in Mukalla

A security committee in Aden, has banned motorcycle driving in all districts of the province starting from the past Wednesday.

An official source said that, “the decision comes as a result of the increase in murders carried out by criminal elements which use motorcycles in committing their crimes,” as quoted by the official news agency of Yemen.

The source urged “all citizens to report any gunmen using motorcycles.” Aden and other Yemeni provinces are witnessing a wave of assassination attempts against military and security, with perpetrators of such attacks often using motorcycles for a quick getaway.

Following the same security measures, the security committee in Hadramout governorate approved new rules on the motorcycles movement.  This decree has come three days after Aden has banned motorcycle driving. The traffic police has been requested to set new strategy for motorcycles movement within the governorate.

This decree came after an exceptional meeting on Friday with the new governor Dr. Adel Mohammed Ba-Hamid who asked for applying new security procedures to enhance safety and security issues to face the current crimes of assassination and robbery.

The security committee called up on the public to response to the law calls for their safety. It has banned the illegal movement with weapons in the capital and  sub-cities.

Last year, Yemeni authorities banned motorcycle driving in the capital Sana’a for the same reason, but people have resumed driving motorcycles again following the lawlessness that descended on the capital after it fell in the hands of Ansar Allah (al-Houthi) group last September.