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Houthi Militants Admit Hadi’s Chief Of Staff Kidnapped

National Yemen

Ahmed Awad

By NY Staff

Few hours after the Abduction of Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, today in Sana’a. The Houthi Militants admit group involvement of Bin Mubarak abduction. The Houthi said they ceased Bin Mubarak when he was heading to submitted the constitutional draft to the President while they are not satisfied with some articles according to the peace and partnership agreement between Hadi and Houthies.

The kidnappers hold Bin Mubarak at a government police office called al-Judairy, controlled by Houthi Militants. Six hours passed after Bin Mubarak,s abduction, President Hadi made no statement to condemn the abduction. on the other side the United State of America Issued press statement calling for the immediate freedom of Bin Mubarak.

Tribesmen from south Yemen warned of harming Bin Mubarak, and they called for his release in less than 24 hours other wise they will shut down the operation of the oil companies in Shabwa, Marib and Hadramout.