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Kings Of Sheba Are Not Terrorists

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Kings of Sheba Are Not Terrorist

Human rights’ activists and political bloggers fired a campaign this Tuesday on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube under the hashtag “Kings Of Sheba Are Not Terrorists”. The campaign was done in solidarity with the tribes of Marib in Eastern Yemen. It aims to support tribes in the governorate against the armed Houthis, who are planning to invade the oil-rich governorate and take control of it. This has followed a threat by Houthi leaders to purge both Marib and Al-Jawf from Al-Qaeda. In addition, the organizers of the campaign said that their campaign aims to detect the claimed causes of the Houthis against Al-Qaeda in the governorate. It also works to refute their excuses and give Al-Qaeda the name of “Da’esh”.

“The campaign supports the tribes in Marib against the accusation of sabotaging, which was declared by the Houthis. It also seeks to highlight the civilized aspect of Yemen in confronting the Houthi campaign,” they added.  Similarly, other activists have also launched another campaign under the hashtag “Huthis and AlQaeda, Two Faces Of The Same Coin”. This campaign has reached more than 9 million views on Facebook.