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Al-Iryani Supports Kuwaiti Investment In Socotra

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Al-Iryani Supports Kuwaiti Investment In Socotra

By NY Staff

During the visit to Socotra Island, the Minister of Tourism, Muammar al-Iryani, along with the Governor of Socotra, monitored the project of the Socotra Hotel that belongs to Kuwaiti investors on the island.

The Kuwaiti investment is the first Gulf investment in the province of Socotra, costing 1,250,000,000 riyals. The hotel contains of three floors consist of 106 rooms, a meeting room, six royal suites, two swimming pools, a breakwater, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and others services.

Al-Iryani expressed his Ministry’s readiness to support this project as one of the  key project to be supported for the improvement of tourism on the island.

The Kuwaiti investor expressed his comfort with the minister’s phone call, appreciating the encouragement from the Minister for foreign investor and support for tourism in Yemen and the Socotra.

Al-Iryani also focused on the importance of opening the skies for the local and international airlines to fly to the island.

After that, he went to the Socotra Airport to monitor its performance, expressing his wish to turn it into a global transit station that receives directl flights from all airports in the world.