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Brush: Al-Akafah of Al-Mohammadi

National Yemen


By Tamjid Alkohali   

The famous Yemeni artist Radfan Al-Mohammadi has revealed about his new painting named Al-Akafah. Al-Akafah is an Arabic word with many meanings, the most famous is ‘curly hair’. It is also a name of a village in Ibb province.

It is painted by watercolor and characterized by Islamic motifs, inspired by old Sana’ani buildings, around its frame. It embodies many historical places in Taiz city such as al-Qahira Citadel, the Minarets of al-Ashrafiah Mosque and Moussa Door, and soldiers that belong to the Imam riding their camels.

According to Al-Mohammadi, his first international experience was in Algeria. “I drew it in 2010 after a training course within the Sana’a International Festival of Fine Arts,” he said.

Mohammadi was born in 1985 in Taiz. Now he is the head of the Arab Forum for Fine Arts in Sana’a. Until know he has had four personal art exhibitions held in Yemen as well as many local and global exhibitions.

Mohammadi has a lot of beautiful paintings that show touristic views around Yemen as well as traditions.