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Houthis Treating Bin Mubarak Nicely

National Yemen

Do you want to Know ?

By Fakhri al-Arashi

A close source to Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, the first person in President Hadi’s Office, told the newspaper that Dr. Bin Mubarak is receiving good treatment from the Houthi militants who abducted him on Saturday January 17 in the early afternoon from a main street in Sana’a’.

The Houthis are hosting Bin Mubarak in a nice villa and they are bringing him and his guards the best food and accommodation. The Houthis do not want Bin Mubarak to step down from his office as Arabic websites and newspapers are publishing. The Houthis are against the first draft of the constitution and they reject the federalism geographic distribution. They are against article No.13 on the fifth point, which does not allow parties to establish themselves based on ethnic, sectarian, or doctrinal bases.

The source said that the Houthis and the JPC share the same concerns over the new constitution draft. The kidnapping of Bin Mubarak may lead to a better negotiation between the President and the Houthis. Houthi militants controlling al-Thawra daily government official newspaper refused to print the supplement of the constitution draft in its Sunday’s issue. The 14 October newspaper publishing in Aden and al-Jamhouria published in Taiz have printed and distributed the constitution draft in their Sunday print.

Dr. Bin Mubark remains in the stronghold of the Houthis despite of the tribe of Shabwa’s threat to the Houthis, giving them 24 hours’ notice to free Bin Mubarak otherwise they will suspend the oil and gas companies’ operations.

President Hadi met with the government and the security committee to discuss the options and security threat by the Houthis, whose militants are moving freely in Sana’a, using the government vehicles and weapons.

Before the kidnapping of Dr. Bin Mubarak, many people expressed their disappointment with the newly massive advertising campaign under what is called, ‘Do you want to know?’ The message appeared two weeks on outdoor advertising billboards to grab the attention of the public about the real advertising product which people are waiting for to see.

Once people realized the theme of the campaign, they considered it a waste of donors’ money. The message is about the announcement of the constitution draft release.

The campaign costs a large amount of money for worthless results. Promoting the constitution draft is not like  a milk product or any other commercial products.

Such an announcement must be published in an Arabic language newspaper for people to read and understand what the new constitution is about for people to judge, approve, and disapprove.

The majority of people were shocked by the government’s approach. They consider the campaign to be against the new government’s goal of improving the economic situation of the country. “It is really unfair to see many people are eating from garbage tanks while the government throws money in the air,” said al-Ahadal.

Before renewing the second phase of the advertising campaign, the Houthis abducted Bin Mubarak to answer the question, saying that they are against the constitution.