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Iman University Publishes Statistical Data Of Houthis Attacks

National Yemen

Iman University

By NY Staff

Months ago, Iman University in Sana’a was under the occupation of the Houthi militias who refused to release its management, despite their repeated promises.

Two months ago, the management of Iman University formed a committee to negotiate with the Houthi militias, but there was no progress. During the occupation, the Houthis looted and destroyed the university’s facilities.

According to the detailed statistical data published by Iman University about the losses of the University, 8 students of the university were died and 17 were wounded.

In addition, the Houthis looted furniture, documents and papers, the independent research centers, the media studio of the University with all its equipment, and the Iman Great Hall, which was dedicated to conferences, ceremonies, and events of Yemen Scholars.

They looted the University Library, which is considered the largest scientific and intellectual library, and some sources said that the Houthis would sell its books to the public.

The Houthis also prevented prayer in the Mosque and closed Ibn al-Haytham School, which included 900 students from nearby neighborhoods and the families that live at the university.

The occupation of the Houthis led to the displacement of the university teaching staff, 130 Sheikhs and university professors, adding to more than 1,500 students inside the university who are now homeless with their families.

The Houthis broke into all the buildings in the university including student’s houses, a blacksmith shop, a carpentry shop, and others.

According to the report issued by Iman University, there hasn’t been any condemnation or disapproval of what happened by the local and international scientific bodies.

Iman University is a member of the Union of Arab and Islamic universities. It was established officially and overseen by the Ministry of Higher Education as any private university.