Promo Broadcasting Launches for Bilqees Channel

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New Yemen satellite channel

By NY Staff

Ahmed Al-Zurka, General Manager of the Bilqees Channel, announced about promotional broadcasting launch on the 11th of February. The date is in conjunction with the 4th anniversary of the Yemeni revolution. The date was chosen in remembrance of the sacrifices made by the martyrs on that date.

In a press release, Al-Zurqa has confirmed that the channel is going to lead the way for Yemenis, through which they’ll be able to express their dreams and expectations of a decent life under the principles of freedom, justice and equality. It will also work on strengthening morals of rights and good deeds as well as defending the freedom of speech. Moreover, the channel aims to reflect the voices of broad categories in Yemen and support them against injustice and tyranny.

The general manager pointed out that the decision, which was made by the board of directors, involved the fast release of the channel. The channel will be released under high professional and technical criteria. These criteria guarantee conveying a balanced and purposeful message, which will help strengthen the transparency and community contribution in both supervising and fighting corruption. Also, it will work on strengthening the defenses against public freedoms and the freedom of the press. This channel will establish the transition stage towards constructing and national partnership as well as enhancing the contribution of youth and women in political partnership. The enhancement will be achieved through concentrating on effective events on the national scene that is concerned with both women and youth.

Al-Zurka added that the staff of the channel consists of young Yemenis with different political and intellectual orientations. The office of the channel will be based in Istanbul; however, the channel’s major office will be located in Sana’a. The staff also has a remarkable number of reporters in multiple Yemeni Governorates. There are a number of variable programs that attend to the needs of the Yemeni audience which are being prepared to be broadcast after the promo broadcast is completed.

The frequency of the channel on the satellite Nilesat is 11526 vertical, error correction 3/4 – 27500.